Mexican-American War

When the Mexican War broke out in 1846, Greene County promptly answered the call for volunteers. Monday, June 22, the Carrollton Guards, composed of eighty-one men, set out for Alton, in wagons furnished by the citizens of the county. They bore with them a handsome flag presented by the ladies of Carrollton, William Sharon making the presentation speech and S. S. Chester responding in behalf of the company. The men went into camp at Alton, where they were joined by a company from Morgan County, under Gen. John J. Hardin, and by other companies from other directions. While at Alton both of these commands became part of the 1st Illinois Regiment. Gen. John J. Hardin was chosen Colonel. Of the Carrollton Guards, Col. Jacob Fry was elected Captain, Maj. W. C. Rainey, First Lieutenant, Col. J. C. Winters, Second Lieutenant, and S. S. Chester, Third Lieutenant. On Sunday, the 19th of July, the regiment embarked for Memphis, and thence went on to Montezuma. Tlie company went through the war in Mexico and rendered valiant service in the battle of Buena Vista, in which the gallant General Hardin was killed. His death was very deeply regretted wherever he was known.
At the April term of the Circuit Court of Greene County, resolutions were passed expressing the regret of the bar at the loss of Col, Hardin, and their appreciation of his abilities and admirable qualities. The attorneys present at this term of court were D. M. Woodson, D. A. Smith, C. H, Goodrich, Wm. P. Chesnut, Richard Yates, H. Dusenbury, A. W. Cavarly, Wm. Sharon, W. K. Titcomb, T. Barlow, Wm. Thomas, J. A. Chesnut, C. D. Hodges, R. L. Doyle, Wm. Bosbyshill, Giles H. Turner, John H. Burruss and J. M. Tillett. When it became known that more troops were needed, Greene County promptly responded, and in July, 1847, a second company, commanded by Capt. John Bristow, uncle of an ex-Secretary of the Treasury' of the United States of the same family name, started for the seat of war. The members of this company came mostly from the northern part of the county. Capt. Bristow was soon obliged to return on account of ill health, but both the Greene County companies did good service during the war. For a number of years the survivors of these commands have been in the habit of meeting annually for the purpose of reviving old memories and perpetuating old fellowships. The last meeting of the Mexican Veterans' Association was held at White Hall, September 25, 1878. Col. J. C. Winters acted as president and E. A. Giller as secretary. There were present sixteen survivors of the Mexican war and also three survivors of the Black Hawk war. Speeches were made bv Messrs. W. B. Ferguson, Jesse Sims, J. L. Stoddard, C. C. Eaton, W". B. Harper, Col. J. C. Winters and E. A. Giller, of the Mexican veterans, and by R. D. Gill and C. J. Whitesides, veterans of the Black Hawk war. The death of Arcliibald Overby, a Mexican veteran who had passed away during the year, was mentioned, and appropriate resolutions Avere passed in view of that event. The meeting then adjourned for a year.
As illustrating the unyielding patriotism of the great mass of the citizens of the county at that time, the following, which appeared in the first number of the Carrollton Gazette June 26, 1846, is reprinted:

" Whereas, David Hartwell did, a few days since, make certain remarks relative to the Mexican war, the purport of which was that he desired the success of the Mexicans over the Americans ; Now these are to certify that the citizens of Carrollton will not permit the said David Hartwell to live among them unless he will, publicly, retract all offensive language used in the premises, ask the pardon of the community, and promise hereafter to demean himself in a more orderly and gentlemanly manner. " Many Citizens.

" Carrollton, June 22, 1846.
" Gentlemen : I will humbly comply with the above requirements of yours, stated in the article above, to which your names are attached, and will freely and gladly retract all the wrong that has proceeded from me. I ask the pardon of each and every person or citizen, whose feelings have been hurt by me, and I will promise, in future, to live in a manner as orderly and gentlemanly as my humble knowledge of good breeding will enable me to do. David Hartwell."

Extracted 23 Feb 2014 by Norma Hass from History of Greene County, Illinois

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