Civil War Census

Bluffdale Precinct

This list of names was transcribed from photocopies of the original ledger sheets. The top of each page reads as follows:

A list of able-bodied male citizens of the Precinct of Bluffdale and County of Greene between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, taken by R. L. Cole In pursuance of General Orders No. 99 of the War Department, and instructions of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois.
ALLEN, Albert L26IndianaFarmerVol in 1st Mo. Cav. – discharged
ALLEN, Elisha W40IndianaFarmer
ALLEN, John19IllinoisLaborerVol in 61st Reg
ANDREWS, Nathaniel J32TennesseeFarmer
ASHLOCK, James20IllinoisFarmer
BALLARD, Henry J30IllinoisFarmer
BALLARD, Jesse33IllinoisFarmer
BALLARD, William35IllinoisFarmer
BEE, Daniel23IllinoisLaborerVol in 59th Reg
BOOTH, Charles20IllinoisFarmer
BRIDGES, James27MissouriLaborer
BRINNING, Thomas19IrelandFarmer
BUSH, Coonrod30GermanyLaborerVol in 61st Reg
CAFER, Jacob40GermanyBlacksmith
CAMERA, George20IllinoisFarmer
CAMERA, James20IllinoisFarmerVol in 91st Ill
CAMERA, Johnathan40OhioFarmer
CAMERA, Johnathan18IllinoisFarmer
CAMERA, William22IllinoisFarmer
CAMERER, James H25IllinoisFarmer
CARMODY, John22IrelandLaborerVol in 1st Mo. Cav
CARMODY, John26IrelandFarmer
CARMODY, Michael35IrelandFarmer
CARMODY, Peter24IrelandFarmer
CARRICO, Samuel19IllinoisFarmerVol in 61st Reg
CARROLL, James19IrelandLaborerVol in Svc. - Discharged
CATHER, James24IllinoisFarmerVol in 59th Ill., Capt. Winters Co
CATHER, Robert22IllinoisFarmerVol in U.S. Service - Reg unknown
CATHER, Wesley20IllinoisFarmerVol in U.S. Service - Reg unknown
CHANDLER, Joseph21IllinoisMiller
CLOCE, William23IllinoisFarmerVol in 14th Reg
COLE, R. L44VirginiaPhysicianPost Master
COLEMAN, John18IllinoisFarmer
CORY, George W35VermontFarmer
CRISWELL, John25IllinoisFarmerVol in 91st Reg
CROW, J. C25MissouriMerchant
DAVIS, Aaron24IllinoisFarmerVol in 59th Ill., Capt. Winters Co
DECKER, Edward38OhioCarpenter
DECKER, Samuel W32OhioFarmer
DOAN, Amos21IllinoisFarmer
DUNWORTH, James25IrelandFarmer
EARLY, Benjamin21TennesseeFarmer
EARLY, Berry30TennesseeFarmer
ELDRED, James J35IllinoisFarmer
ELDRED, Julius20IllinoisFarmerVol in 14th Reg
ELLIOT, George20IllinoisLaborerVol in 1st Mo. Cav
ELLIS, Henry32GermanyFarmer
EVANS, George L28IllinoisFarmer
EVANS, James R21IllinoisFarmer
EVANS, John35IllinoisFarmer
EVANS, Robert L27IllinoisFarmer
EVANS, Thomas18IllinoisFarmer
EVANS, William W22IllinoisFarmer
FEGER, Joseph25GermanyLaborerVol in 59th Reg
FILEGAS, Joseph27GermanyFarmer
FISHBACK, Frederick33VirginiaFarmer
FISHBACK, Harrison22VirginaFarmer
FISHBACK, William30VirginiaLawyer
FLATT, David30IllinoisFarmer
FLATT, David37KentuckyFarmer
FLATT, Edward22IllinoisFarmer
FLATT, William18IllinoisFarmer
GAIGER, Philip40GermanyFarmer
GAMBLE, Elias35IllinoisFarmer
GAMBLE, George19IllinoisFarmer
GAMBLE, John C35IllinoisFarmer
GAMBLE, Martin22IllinoisFarmerVol in 61st Reg. – died
GARDER, Valentine44GermanyFarmer
GAREDTS, George28GermanyFarmer
GARRISON, George L30KentuckyFarmerVol in 91st Reg
HADDOCK, Tavenor33North CarolinaFarmer
HALBIRT, Albert38IllinoisFarmer
HALBIRT, Amos20IllinoisFarmer
HALBIRT, Harrison25IllinoisFarmer
HALBIRT, Hiram22IllinoisFarmer
HALBIRT, Sylvester24IllinoisFarmer
HALBIRT, William18IllinoisFarmer
HALBIRT, William L22IllinoisFarmerVol in 14th Reg
HALE, Peter23IllinoisFarmer
HINES, John26IrelandFarmer
HOMES, Nathaniel24IndianaFarmer
HOMES, Thomas44KentuckyFarmer
HUBER, Frederick35GermanyFarmer
HUMPHREY, William A23IllinoisFarmer
JOHNISEE, John23IllinoisFarmer
JOHNISEE, Keller22IllinoisFarmerVol in 14th Reg
JOHNISEE, Samuel25IllinoisFarmer
JOHNSTON, J. C29New YorkPhysician
KANTOPP, Henry37GermanyFarmerVol in 39th Reg
KAYSER, John43SwitzerlandFarmer
KILPATRICK, John19IllinoisFarmerVol in 14th Reg
LAMKY, Lewis35GermanyFarmer
LAWRENCE, James31EnglandStone Mason
LAWRENCE, Samuel20EnglandStone Mason
LITTLE, John L25IllinoisFarmer
LOGAN, Franklin35IllinoisFarmer
LOGAN, John18IllinoisFarmer
LOWHOUSE, John28GermanyLaborerVol in 61st Reg
MATHEWS, William24CanadaFarmerVol in U.S. Service - Reg unknown
MAYS, Charles A19IllinoisFarmer
MAYS, Elias B42VirginiaFarmer
MAYS, W. L21IllinoisFarmer
MCADAMS, Joseph35IllinoisFarmer
MCADAMS, Samuel27IllinoisFarmer
MCCARTY, James33IllinoisFarmer
MCMAHAN, John18IrelandLaborer
MILLER, Louis34GermanyFarmer
MONTZE, Lawrence40GermanyFarmer
NEIMAN, Henry25GermanyLaborer
NOLAND, John38TennesseeFarmer
PEGRAM, Alvin23IllinoisFarmer
PETERS, Henry35GermanyFarmer
PORTWOOD, Lewis39KentuckyFarmer
PRAMYER, John B35GermanyFarmer
READ, William40KentuckyMerchant
RICHARDS, James25OhioLaborer
ROBINSON, James35IrelandFarmer
ROBLEY, Charles39IllinoisFarmer
ROBLEY, George40IllinoisFarmer
ROBLEY, Vilroy34IllinoisFarmer
ROWDON, William27IllinoisLaborer
RUSSELL, Spencer G35IllinoisFarmer
SCHAFFER, Jacob36GermanyBlacksmith
SCRODER, Frederick24GermanyFarmer
SHULENCAMP, John21GermanyFarmer
SIMPSON, Donald35ScotlandFarmer
SMITH, George W21IllinoisFarmer
SMITH, Isaac30IllinoisFarmer
SMITH, John19IllinoisFarmer
SNYDER, Hiram19IllinoisFarmer
SOLOMINK, John34GermanyLaborer
SOLOMINK, Theodore29GermanyLaborer
SPENCER, Henry29IllinoisFarmer
STETTER, John26GermanyFarmer
STEWART, John 23UnknownLaborer
STEWART, Weightman28IllinoisFarmer
STITH, David19IllinoisFarmer
STOVER, Joseph30GermanyLaborerVol in 61st Reg
STUBBLEFIELD, Fielding20IllinoisFarmer
STUBBLEFIELD, Henry24IllinoisFarmerVol in 10th Mo. Reg
STUBBLEFIELD, James22IllinoisFarmerVol in 10 Reg. Mo. Vol
STUBBLEFIELD, Samuel27IllinoisFarmerVol in 10 Reg. Mo. Vol
STUBBLEFIELD, Thomas18IllinoisFarmer
SUTTER, Benedict31GermanyLaborer
SWAN, Mathew27?IllinoisLaborerVol in 59th Reg
SWAN, Willard26IllinoisFarmer
TAYLOR, Henry21IllinoisFarmer
TAYLOR, Hubbard35KentuckerFarmerOver age
TAYLOR, William24MissouriFarmerVol in U.S. Service - Reg unknown
TRUSTY, George28TennesseeFarmer
TUCKER, Benjamin26New YorkFarmer
VAUGHN, George35VirginiaFarmer
WARD, Elbert30IllinoisFarmer
WARD, Newton20IllinoisFarmerVol in 61st Reg
WARD, William25IllinoisFarmerVol in 61st Reg
WARREN, George18IllinoisFarmerVol in 10th Mo. Reg
WATSON, George37New YorkFarmer
WATSON, Walter18IllinoisFarmerVol in 14th Reg
WHITESIDE, James H23IllinoisFarmer
WHITESIDE, Levi23IllinoisFarmer
WHITESIDE, Theodore D20IllinoisFarmerVol in 61st Reg
WHITESIDES, William50CarpenterVol in 61st Ill. Reg
WOOLLEY, Charles A24IllinoisFarmer
WRIGHT, George W44TennesseeFarmer

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