Biography - Andrew Tunnell

ANDREW JACKSON TUNNELL was born in Greene county, Illinois, June 28, 1837. He is the thirteenth child of Hon. Calvin and Jane Tunnell, who had a family of fourteen children, nine of whom are yet living. Mr. Tunnell was born in North Carolina October 4, 1791, and was one of a large family of William Tunnell and Mary Massey, who were married in 1771, in Fairfax county, Virginia; their ancestors being formerly from England. When their son Calvin was only four years old, Mr. Tunnell and wife moved to Anderson county, Tennessee, locating on a wild tract of land there, where he made a farm; and it was in that county and state that Calvin was educated, his learning being such as the schools of that day afforded. Quite early in life he became inured to the toils and hardships of frontier life. On the 25th of August, 1811, he was married to Miss Jane Addair, a native of Western Virginia, born July 28, 1795. After his marriage, Mr. Tunnell started out in life on his own account, continuing to reside there till 1817. He then removed, with his wife and two children, to Madison county, Ill., where they stayed until late in the fall of 1818, and early in the spring of 1819 came up to Greene county, Ill. Here he located on a piece of land and made an improvement, and was one among the early settlers of the township where he resided. A portion of that farm constitutes a part of that comprised in the farm now owned by his son, A. J. Like the majority of the pioneers of this county, he came here very poor. He had hardly any money, and but three head of horses, and they died before he was able to make any improvement; and in order to break up his first piece of ground, he found it necessary to work for a neighbor by the day to get his first team of oxen to plow with. ... Mr. Tunnell and wife had fourteen children, nine of whom are yet living, and are married and comfortably settled in life.


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Andrew Jackson Tunnell was educated in the schools of this county. His occupation has always been that of a farmer. On the 9th of September, 1861, he was married to Miss Caroline Purl, daughter of Thomas C. Purl of Greene county. After his marriage he continued to farm the old homestead, and has added considerable to it, and now he has a farm of upwards of six hundred acres, situated about two miles south of Carrollton. Mr. Tunnell has been successful in his business enterprises, and he now ranks among the opulent agriculturists of Greene county.

Extracted 05 Jan 2017 by Norma Hass from Atlas Map of Greene County Illinois, 1873, pages 38 and 39.

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