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Estate / Probate Records

Pages 13-14 re estates of deceased: John Allen, Charles Dunsworth, Micajah Powell, William Walton, John Lakins
Pages 25-26 re estates of deceased: Jefferson Crull, Obadiah Silkwood
Pages 102-103 re estates of deceased: _____
Pages 108-109 re estates of deceased: John Allen, Warrington Denham
Pages 118-119 re estates of deceased: William Allen, Dennis Collins
Pages 122-123 re estates of deceased: John Allen, James Glass
Pages 124-125 re estates of deceased: Russel Stoddard, Nathaniel Daniel, John Rule
Pages 126-127 re estates of deceased: Philip Jarboe, Willis Denham, William Askins, James Bates, William Allen
Pages 128-129 re estates of deceased: Westly Meldrum, Joseph Wasson, Dennis Collins
Pages 130-131 re estates of deceased: Nathaniel Daniel, William Askins, Willis Denham, Samuel Bowman
Pages 144-145 re estates of deceased: Zachariah Allen, John Wright
Also partial appointing Daniel K F Jarroll [Daniel Kelsay Fitzjarrell] as guardian for a minor
Pages 162-163 re estates of deceased: Lyngan Selsey, Jefferson Rice, William Elledge, Uriah Miller, John Allen Jr
Pages 175-176 re estates of deceased: Joseph VanMater, John Allen
Pages 177-178 re estates of deceased: John Allen, Thomas Richardson, John Maze
Pages 185-186 re estates of deceased: Benjamin Strang, John Allen, Benjamin Sells
13 Jan 1890 - Estate of Aaron Flatt

In the County Court of said County.

To John Long, Administrator of the Estate of Aaron Flatt, deceased:

You are hereby notified that on this day an order was entered of record in said Court, requiring you to appear therein within thirty days of this date, and make settlement of your accounts as such administrator, or show cause why you should not be removed and another Administrator appointed in your stead.

Dated at Carrollton, Illinois, this 13th day of January, A. D. 1890


Transcribed 15 May 2011 by Sherri Hass Lewis

13 Jan 1890 - Estate of James Evans

Adjustment Notice
Estate of JAMES R. EVANS, Deceased.

The undersigned, having been appointed Executor of the estate and last will of James R. Evans, late of the county of Los Angeles, and state of California, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before the County Court of Greene county, Illinois, at the Court House in Carrollton, at the Regular Term, on the first Monday in March, A. D. 1890, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned.

Dated this 13th day of January, A. D. 1890

W. L. Armstrong filed a $5,000 bond on Monday last as public guardian.


Transcribed 15 May 2011 by Sherri Hass Lewis

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