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Greene County Poor Farm was established in 1842 in Carrollton
Image of 1880 supplemental census page
Image of 1910 census page
Article published about 1976
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Several files have been submitted that offer valuable information about Almshouse residents

1880 Residents 
NameRaceSexAgeMaritalWhere BornFatherMother
ALEXANDER, MaryWF29SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
ALLEN, GeorgeWM33SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
BACON, JaneWF27SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
DEWS, RichardWM76SIllinoisEnglandEngland
GENTRY, NancyWF52SKentuckyKentuckyKentucky
HARTLESS, LucyWF59WCanadaCanadaCanada
HENRY, PatrickWM34SMichiganIrelandIreland
HOGAN, MichaelWM28MIrelandIrelandIreland
HOOPER, BedaWF32SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
HOPPER, JosephWM69WKentuckyKentuckyKentucky
HUIT, ElizabethWF69WTennesseeTennesseeTennessee
JOHNSON, MalindaWF29SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
JONES, JohnWM38WIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
KELLEY, JamesWM 55WCanadaIrelandIreland
McCARTY, MagWF24SIrelandIrelandIreland
McCLELLAND, Elizabeth WF45SIllinoisUnited StatesUnited States
McCLELLAND, HenryWM26SIllinoisUnited StatesUnited States
MERRITT, PatrickWM66WIrelandIrelandIreland
MULLIGAN, JohnWM5SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
MULLIGAN, WilliamWM2SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
MURPHY, BenWM7SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
NEWMAN, JacobWM35SOhioUnited StatesUnited States
NOLAND, JamesWM69SIrelandIrelandIreland
ORTON, WilliamWM65MTennesseeNorth CarolinaNorth Carolina
PRUITT, ElizabethWF45SNorth CarolinaUnited StatesUnited States
SHAKU, PatrickWM80WIrelandIrelandIreland
SILKWOOD, FannieWF39SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
SWEETEN, LucindaWF40SIllinoisIllinoisIllinois
VANDERHAYDEN, AlvinWM78WKentuckyKentuckyKentucky
VIRDEN, PatrickWM67SIrelandIrelandIreland
VOILS, CharityWF39MTennesseeTennesseeTennessee


Tom Lakin Died in Poor House
Published 10 Feb 1916 by Carrollton Patriot

Tom Lakin, who is said to have started more newspapers than any other man in Illinois, and who, twenty-eight years ago, was running a daily paper in Carrollton, died last Saturday evening in the Greene county poor house. He was about 70 years old, and had been an inmate of the county house, off and on, for several years.

W. T. Lakin was a native of White Hall. In early life he tried railroading and lost a leg. Then he turned his attention to starting country newspapers. He had some native ability as a writer, a bit extravagant in style, but bad habits and poor management made his life a failure.

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